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We are pleased to introduce our unique and free Homepage design service. This is available for a limited time only, on completely new websites or for updates, modernisation or even a complete overhaul of existing homepage.

A website is your 'window to the world' - ever present and never closed. It should be your best representative, your best sales person and the best concierge for your business. So, our designs are custom made by very experienced designers. Unlike many design agencies, we don't use templates - which can end up being used on hundreds of websites around the World.

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No Obligation. Nothing to Pay!

Browse through some of the designs below - which we've completed recently for other customers - and when you're ready, request your custom home page design. There's no obligation. You'll never have to pay anything for it and we don't even ask you to credit us as the designers. You can even take our work to another company and have them implement the design or build the site for you!



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Frequently Asked Questions

You will get a custom design for a new home page of your website. This will be created by our experienced designers, based upon the instructions we receive from you.
Not necessarily. You can simply say something like "Redesign my site using blue instead of green" - or "make it more modern and work properly on tablets and smartphones". Of course, the more detailed your instructions to us - the closer our design is likely to be to what you want.
We hope that you will have been very pleased with the process of coming up with the design, and with the design itself. If so, we'd love to give you a quote to build the website and incorporate the design work. However, you are not under any obligation to accept the quotation. You can take the design that we created for you, and have it implemented by someone else if you want to.

We are doing it because we believe it will be valued by our future customers - who typically fall into one of these three customer groups:

First time website owners
We hope that it helps first-time website owners to get started on the design of their website, without taking on any financial commitment at that stage.

Existing website owners
For those with existing websites, it can be useful to see how their website would look if it was 'more modern', different colours or worked better on tablet devices and smartphones.

Companies selling website design services
Many of our clients offer website design to their customers, but in fact have us design and build the website for them. This is called a 'white label reseller' arrangement, where the end-user (customer) doesn't actually know that it was us that built the website. So, providing a free design for a website is a great way for a new reseller to try our services before committing to a larger project.

Starting with our free home page design service is a great way for you to see how well our design process works and to help develop a great working relationship between us.

We are a 'full service' website design and development agency. This means that we do everything from discovering a clients needs, right through to the graphic design, build and launch of a successful website.

In technical terms, we are very experienced in these technologies - HTML, PHP (including PHP Frameworks), Jquery, Ajax and HTML5 - and in the most popular platforms such as Wordpress, Joomla, Magento and Prestashop.

Between them, our designers have thousands of hours experience in website, logo, banner and corporate stationery design.

The answer is yes - if you are based in the UK, EU, USA, Canada, Singapore, UAE or Australia - and looking for a website design for yourself, your company or for one of your clients.

Unfortunately we cannot accept requests for designs from anonymous and disposable email accounts. You should register with your best [work] email address.

We are large enough to cope with any website project, and small enough to care about every client and website built by us. We have a team of approximately 65 people, split across these departments:

Senior Management - 4
Project Management - 8
Programming & Development - 24
Graphic Design - 10
Admin & Support - 19

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